Cargo insurance: protected truck

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1 September 2021
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8 October 2021

Cargo insurance: protected truck.

According to the Road Safety Observatory, during 2020 there were 64,707 traffic accidents and 1,485 people lost their lives, a figure that had a decrease of 8.2% compared to the deaths reported in 2019, which is explained by the pandemic by the Corona Virus.

If we go specifically to the issue of freight transport, the annual rate of associated accidents in 2019 was 29.27 claims per 1000 vehicles, compared to 28.85 the previous year.

The accident rate was calculated by multiplying the number of accidents in which a truck was involved by 1,000 and dividing by the vehicle fleet of trucks and the traffic accident statistics of the National Traffic Safety Commission and the vehicle fleet are taken as a basis. published by the National Institute of Statistics.

In this scenario, it is becoming increasingly important to have the support of an expert when facing an incident, regardless of its severity, on the road.

Full tranquility

FR Group Corredores de Seguros is one of the eight main traditional brokers in the national market, due to its level of intermediated premium, in the categories of general insurance, life, guarantees and credit.

His extensive experience in the world of cargo and passenger transport makes him an invaluable ally for businessmen throughout Chile, who have the following products for their support and peace of mind:

1.- Commercial fleet insurance: Seeks to protect the property and the vehicle civil liability of the Fleet owner. The possible combinations are:

• Full Coverage: covers Own Damages + Civil Liability (CR) + Total Loss (PT).
• PT + RC: Covers the total loss of the asset + the Vehicle Civil Liability.
• Only RC Vehicular: which protects the third party in the event of a collision.
• All these insurances can incorporate Passenger Seat, Personal Accidents and Crystals.

Depending on the loss ratio of the portfolio we can deliver 60 and up to 90 days of grace for the payment of the first installment.

2.- Transport insurance: Covers own cargo and that of the clients of the cargo transportation service up to the limit of the transport vehicle’s capacity.

3.- Civil liability of companies: Protects the assets of companies from the obligation to compensate for damages or injuries caused to third parties or their workers.

• Main Coverages:
– RC for Damages.
– CR for Injuries.
– RC Employer.
– RC Contractors.
– CR Crusade.
– RC Contamination.
– RC Cargo Transportation.
– Professional RC.

4.- Guarantee Insurance: Its purpose is to insure the economic damages suffered by the policy insured, in the event of non-compliance with the obligations assumed by the secured party in public or private contracts.

– Seriousness of the Offer.
– Faithful Compliance with the Contract, among others.

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