Affinity & Speciality Insurance

Insurance and Services that allow our customers to differentiate their offer with respect to the competition, with high value service perceived by their customers.

We develop 100% products tailored to the needs of our customers. We create coverages and services to adapt to the offer of our clients and not the other way around (critical factor).

We pursue 2 clear objectives, first generate products that effectively differentiate the offer of our customers, and / or generate products that allow our customers to generate significant additional income.

Some of our “Markets”:

  • Electronic equipment in general (Cell phones, Notebooks, etc).
  • Footballers / Athletes.
  • Bikes.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Cars / Infant Products.
  • Suitcases.


  • Damage and robbery insurance for mobile (smartphone, tablets and notebook).
  • Insurance and / or extended warranty service.
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Unemployment insurance.
  • Credit life insurance.
  • Life insurances

Alejandro Novoa

Affinity Manager
Contact: (+56) 22 4840 044