People Transport Risk Insurance

In Chile, the most important broker and absolute leader in the generation of insurance programs for people transport.

Insurance programs are designed to cover the three most relevant risk exposures of this activity;

1. Asset coverage; Vehicles, Terminals and the loss of income due to the deterioration of these assets.

2. Civil Liability in all cases for damages to third parties; FR Group administers the judicial defense with a team of 30 lawyers in JPL, Civil Office; ordinary trials, summary trials. Criminal Office, with specialized lawyers to defend Cuasidelitos before the Public Ministry and Counterpart of Prosecutors.

  • The management of third party claims, with the direct coordination of adjusters.

3. Specific coverages created and designed for bodily injury or accidents involving drivers, users or passengers.

As a broker, we manage over 1,200 companies throughout the national territory with medium and large vehicle fleets.

Francisco Aguilera Jorquera

Fleet and Public Transport Manager
Contact: (+56) 2 2484 0025