Financial Risks Insurance

  • Professional Miscellaneous Responsibility.
  • Professional Responsibility of Architects and Engineers.
  • Professional Medical Responsibility.
  • Professional Responsibility for Clinics and Medical Centers

Bond/Guarantee Insurance

The Guarantee Insurance anticipates any damage or loss in the fulfillment of the obligations of public and private contracts.

  • Preferred capita.
  • Seriousness of the offer.
  • Faithful contract compliance.
  • Correct use of advances.
  • Correct execution of works.
  • Private warehouse.
  • Urbanizations
  • Sale in green

Professional Liability

Protects the Company or Professionals for the financial damages caused by an erroneous professional act.

D & O Directors and Officers

Civil Liability Insurance that protects the assets of directors and executives of a company before third-party demands for financial damages caused by errors in corporate acts.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance covers companies from the risk of non-payment of accounts receivable due to the insolvency of their debtors. In addition, it helps to select the best customers, growing safely in the market

  • National market credit.
  • Export credit.

CyberEdge Data Protection

Data Protection Civil Liability Insurance (CyberEdge), covers the financial damage caused by the inadequate handling of data in the loss of information.

Functional Loyalty

Assures companies for the economic damages caused by dishonesty and fraud of workers.

Enrique Vera Berríos

Financial Risk Manager
Contact: (+56) 22 4840 030