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Sanatorio Alemán Insurance Program

Sanatorio Alemán Clinic suffered a gas leak that caused an explosion that made one of the three buildings uninhabitable. Three people died in the accident and more than 46 were injured. Before the first 60 days, the medical center received an advance of US $ 8 million to activate and support the clinic’s reconstruction plan, not only to reduce the costs of lost profits that cover the income and / or cost overruns they left of being perceived as a product of the event, but for the critical and strategic nature of the clinic for the South Zone of Chile.

Subsequently, an additional amount of US $ 7.6 million was paid, completing US $ 15.6 million. FR Group Insurance Brokers, was the broker who designed the insurance program for the Sanatorio Alemán Clinic and who managed the claim compensation payment with the HDI and Mapfre companies.

The process and closing of the claim was successful, and in 10 months it allowed to cover costs for physical damages of US $ 9 million and lost profits for another US $ 6.6 million. In addition, there was a relevant organization to contain the residents and the community surrounding the clinic, to attend their claims for physical damage through the liability policy.

Program of Collective Benefits Engineering Companies

We have developed coverages and programs according to the needs of our clients, in the most demanding areas. Within our main clients, we have Engineering and Consulting companies providing services for Mining, which requires complying with demanding standards and conditions in order to be able to address this issue and be a relevant actor / referent in it.

The importance of developing a powerful benefits program in terms of coverage and flexibility of conditions make the difference when hiring your insurance advisor.

Featured Cases:

  • R & Q Engineering, development of differentiated programs for workers on site (contractors) and private projects.
  • SNC Lavalin, implementation of a program with exclusive conditions for its workers.

Generating value for our clients by differentiating their offer of benefits, allows them to retain their employees and minimize employee turnover.

Collective benefits

We support our clients in their internal activities, to highlight their own benefits at a global level such as, for example, Compensation Funds, Agreements with Isapres, Discounts on Service Providers, Insurance, among others.

We actively participate in conjunction with the insurance companies in providing information to our policyholders, with strong graphic support, stand and brochures as well as merchandising from our suppliers.

Success stories:

  • Suppliers Fair, customer Turbus: Fair held over several days coordinated in conjunction with the HR area; covering more than 2000 employees of the company, from the areas of Maintenance, Operations, Drivers and Administrative. It was possible to reinforce the importance of having a Collective Insurance, its benefits and advantages in front of a frequent or catastrophic health event.
  • Talks and Trainings, client Buses Hualpen: coordination of training at the national level for the insured, generating instances where employees can learn about the main benefits and advantages of their insurance; besides to solve doubts regarding coverage and ways of operating.

Supporting our clients and being part of their internal activities allows us to create lasting and trusting relationships, which translates into greater service satisfaction for our policyholders.

Safe fan ANFP program

FR Group Corredores de Seguros joined the initiative proposed by the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP), to protect – through an insurance policy – people who attend the stadiums.

The innovative coverage of the “Safe Inflation” program includes the comprehensive protection of attendees and spectators, as well as sports journalists who are inside the stadium facilities, which includes compensation for accidental death, total and permanent disability, as well as reimbursement. of medical expenses by accident.

Olivius product for olive oil producers

It is an “all risk” insurance program for companies producing and marketing olive oil in Chile, which offers coverage against the main hazards to which a company in the sector may be exposed.

Olivius arrives at the market to fill an existing void, transforming itself into a novel and unique initiative in the local insurance industry. In its broadest version, the Olivius product incorporates a fire and damage insurance for stoppage, a civil liability insurance and an international transport insurance that provides a service of excellence in prevention and control of losses.

Center of Ski La Parva´s Agreement

It is a comprehensive program, designed from the highest quality standards, which covers risk exposures for mobile equipment, cranes, cable cars, chairs and lifts with personal accident insurance and reimbursement of medical expenses for accidents at the Center Ski La Parva.

The policy includes assistance such as air transportation in the event of a serious accident with life-threatening risk, medical ground transportation in the event of an accident, assistance en route to La Parva, and telephone medical check-up after the occurrence of the event.

Samsung’s Product

Insurance protection for smartphones, tablets and Samsung’s entire line of white and electronic products allows you to secure the products of thousands of people, who invest large sums of money in technological products and who until today did not have protection for their equipment.

The product includes coverage for theft, accidental damage, liquids damage and extended warranty. It is marketed through official Samsung distributors in Chile.


Audiomusica´s Insurance Program

The program of services and insurance for musical instruments is covered by theft, accidental damage and extended warranty. This allows protecting people who invest in musical instruments and who were not protected by the lack of programs of this type in Chile.

One of the great innovations and advantages of this product is that it allows to insure instruments to individuals and to all those musicians who give commercial use to the instruments. This product is sold in all Audiomusica branches throughout the country.