Transportation Risks and Logistics Operators

Insurance specialists who cover the entire sequence of risks to which the load or insured material is exposed. Coverage required for freight transporters for specific projects, national and international freight transport companies. Logistic operators, retailers, integration of risks with Stockthroughput.

We offer advice and programs designed to the needs of our clients offering them an insurance that offers the maximum protection to the goods during their transport, either by land, air, sea or multimodal, with a wide range of coverage and limits.

Programs designed for all types of companies, manufacturers, importers, exporters and owners of goods whose goods are susceptible to suffer damage during transport, as well as for those professionals in the sector, whether they are:

  • Autonomous transporters.
  • Transients.
  • Transport agencies / companies
  • Other logistics operators that ensure that the goods arrive at their destination and that they have a special interest in ensuring the damage that the goods may suffer during the transport of the same.

Loredanna Damiani

Business and Branch Manager
Contact: (+56) 2 2484 0071