The Claims area of the FR Group provides transversal support to the organization, taking care of the claims of all our Insured, from the Occurrence to the final payment. We manage about 1,500 claims per month from different branches.

Understanding what it implies to have a claim, we seek that our Insured has an advice on the policies contracted, the technical aspects and the liquidation process in general. Likewise, we assure all our clients services according to their needs: Management Information, Risk Management, Accident Calculations, Training and policy advising.

The above is based on having fundamental pillars:

Integral Executives for customer service and advice.

Efficient processes to offer a value offer in customer service, which ensures continuity and excellence in the service.

Technology and Information
Clients informed and empowered.


FR Group designed the insurance program for the with a total payment of US $ 7.5 million.
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Through a robust insurance program, FR Group paid UF 86,442 to Casino Marina del Sol.
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Loreto Valdevenito

Claims Manager
Contact: (+56) 2 2484 0054