Frequent questions

FR Group Insurance Brokers is an industry-leading national capital brokerage specializing in providing insurance solutions and programs to a diverse portfolio of clients and industries. </ p >

Since 1986, FR Group Insurance Brokers has had a presence in Santiago, Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, Concepción and Talca, specializing in segments such as general insurance, life insurance, and life insurance. financial lines, standing out for its participation in products for public organizations, transport, mining, industry and commerce.

At FR Group Insurance Brokers we aim to provide comprehensive advice, for which it has a team of expert professionals with solid technical knowledge of the entire range of instruments and policies available in the market. This allows us to develop adequate and responsible insurance programs, based on an exhaustive analysis of the risks and coverage required according to the activity and needs of the client.

The insurer, meanwhile, provides the insurance policy and responds to claims.

At FR Group we take special care in satisfying the needs of our clients. We have an expert and multidisciplinary team of professionals in charge of each consultancy identifying the associated risks, analyzing them in detail and then designing the best insurance program for the reality of that client.

The permanent interaction between our executives and the client, added to a rigorous process of analysis of each particular case, allows us to propose coverage tailored to those who trust us and guarantee a quality service.

When purchasing insurance, there is a percentage of the insured amount that the insurance company does not cover (or indemnify), which is called a deductible and must be assumed by the insured. All insurance policies establish what that amount is, so the insurance will only cover the agreed value above that figure. A deductible is usually contracted to lower the total cost of the insurance.

FR Group will contact the client directly to communicate the conditions of the policy and its possible modifications, assist them during the term and at the time of an incident and send the corresponding policy to the insured.

There are no replicable coverages for the FR Group from one client to another. Therefore, each situation is analyzed and the best coverage is proposed according to each particular case.

In the event of a claim, in some cases compliance with certain procedures or compulsory procedures is required, which will depend on the type of insurance contracted. These include, by way of example, the following:

  • Leave an immediate police record of the accident, in motor vehicle insurance.
  • Presentation of budgets or quotes, delivery of vouchers, receipts, bonuses, etc. to request reimbursement of medical expenses.
  • Report of the treating physician in health or life insurance, etc.

However, once a claim has occurred, we recommend that you contact your FR Group account manager directly to review the terms of your insurance policy.

To contact the FR Group or learn more about the different products and services, you can call us at +56224840000 from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:30, access our Contact section or send us an email to and we will notify you shortly.

Claims adjusters are experts whose main task is to verify the occurrence of a claim, if it is covered by an insurance company policy and what is the amount that corresponds as compensation in accordance with said policy. Coverage is understood as the general and particular conditions of the contracted insurance policy.