FR Group Insurance Brokers is one of the 7 main traditional brokers in the national market, due to its intermediated premium level, in the categories of general insurance, life, guarantees and credit.

The Company has a strong and diversified portfolio of policyholders, built over time, generating trusting relationships in the long term.

With presence and sustained growth in multiple market segments, with products designed to meet the particular needs of each of them.

Throughout the years, FR Group diversified, transferring its technical knowledge and its expert team to a wide variety of industries, each of which faces its own challenges.

With local work teams in the main cities of the country, which allows FR Group to be where the client demands it, attend to their needs and anticipate their requirements, always proposing the most appropriate solutions.

It sustains its development and growth, with an efficient administration, under a software of international management and control of management in commercial, operative, sinister areas and collection of our insured.

Through a culture of personalized and expert service, an annual retention of 98% of the current portfolio has been generated and an organic and sustained growth from 2009 to 2019 of 275%.

During 2019 the total volume of premiums placed in the market reached UF 1,350,000 (USD$ 48.000.000) which allows FR Group Corredores de Seguros to be an outstanding and solid player in the insurance market.

Intermediate premium year 2020
UF 1.640.000 – (USD$ 50.000.000)

2009-2019: 275%

Retention 98% of portfolio
in the last 10 years

From 2019
creation of the agribusiness area

Within 3 brokers
of Chile in Segment Motors

Main broker of Chile
in preferential capital insurance

in bonds insurance

One of the major brokers of Latin America in administration of fleets for public transportation and with enough experience in Chile, Colombia and Perú

Main broker in sports insurance of Chile, we secure 4,000 mutual and female football players

In H&B insurance programs we deliver a personalized advisory, achieving a favorable service experience

Pioneers in deliver insure solutions to musical equipment in Latin America under warranty and damage extension coverages

Broker with a business unit specialist in insurance of public institutions, through Chile Purchase