Agroindustrial Risks Insurance

The exports in our country, have achieved that the companies with agroindustrial turn have an immense development and growth in their forces of production, sales, manpower and technology. Aligned with the needs of this industry, FR Group created an area with integral care and risk solution for vineyards, fruit producers and exporters, producers of olive oil, nurseries and plantations, among others.

Some of the products we custom design for our clients in this area are:

  • Property casualty insurance / business interruption for packings and production plants.
  • Fresh fruit transportation insurance (through alliance with fester marine).
  • Agricultural insurance against fire and risks of nature in plantations (frozen, rain).
  • Mobile equipment insurance and failure for agricultural machinery.
  • Parametric insurance and exchange rate insurance.
  • Domestic and international credit insurance.
  • Life insurance health and personal accidents for agricultural and temporary workers.
  • Civil product liability insurance.
  • Tampering insurance – recall (malicious contamination and product removal).
  • Vehicle insurance.

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