Mission, View and Our Principles


Be an insurance advisory company, focused on excellence in service to our customers, with the best level of professionals in the market and a value offer that delivers efficient, practical and competitive solutions.


Be a leading company and a benchmark in the Chilean insurance market, flexible and capable of innovation. With an ethical commitment and transparency towards our clients and workers


  • Our customers are the main capital of FR Group. Everyone deserves the same courtesy, dedication and professionalism.
  • Our work must be professional and of quality, generating value to the client. For this it is essential to know them, understand them and put themselves in their place.
  • Our business is very dynamic and competitive, we must try to be an agile, loyal actor and differentiate ourselves from our industry peers.
  • Teamwork is the key to our success. Therefore, day by day, we face with disposition and energy the achievement of our objectives.
  • We encourage good relationships and solidarity between colleagues in their work, in recreational and sports activities. At FR Group we take care of harmony and respect among collaborators.
  • We offer all those who work in the company the possibility of growing and developing professionally and personally.