Real Estate Asset Management, a strategic solution.

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18 June 2021
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1 September 2021

New times also demand the generation of new businesses and strategies in their business models.

For this reason, FR Group offers its clients a service dedicated to the management of real estate assets from the choice of investment to its complete administration, going through every detail of maintenance, that many times brings a thousand headaches to owners of rental properties.

It is a comprehensive advice, which includes the legal area, insurance, financing, brokerage, investment analysis and business opportunities, all in the hands of professionals in the different stages of each process.

José Tomás Larraín, general manager of FR Group Asset Management, points out that the subsidiary “takes care of everything necessary for a client to invest peacefully in property rental, from searching and advise with the correct asset, whether it is new with our agreements with different real estate agencies or if the investment in used properties, through our brokerage. We care from the search for financing through our agreements with banks and mutual funds. We also look for the correct tenant, assuming the property brokerage, with filters that today have us with excellent indicators, without delinquency greater than 30 days, and with a very low vacancy rate ”.

“The administration service includes from the collection and monitoring of bill payments, to the legal and contractual part of the lease, including the pertinent maintenance of the asset. Finally, the client can manage the sale of the property through the internal broker. All of the above allows the client to maximize profitability “, explains the executive.

The new business area is dedicated to natural clients or legal entities seeking to invest and maximize these opportunities. It is also dedicated to multifamily clients who invest in complete buildings for lease and management or investment funds that develop projects for rent.

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